ASTRO`pur - The standrad work on the 'Multiple Directions'

Stephan A. Lehrieder (* March 13, 1932 in Haarlem / NL; † December 12, 2006 in Fürth / GER) describes astrology from 50 years -Experience among others 27 striking events such as the moon landing, assassinations, stock market crash, Chernobyl and Harrisburg together with contemporary personalities of the 20th century such as Kennedy, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Presley and van Gogh. In addition, a retracement of the lottery numbers that have been played.

Those who have retained the ability to be amazed and interested in our world order will experience the cosmic connection between our life events and the star constellations with this newly discovered directional method.

All 330 colored double horoscopes are also easy to understand for beginners in astrology and can be understood in short explanatory texts, especially since a handy leaflet accompanies the astrological symbols, signs of the zodiac, houses and basic interpretations. Above all, however, the language of the star world reveals itself with a previously unknown accuracy.

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Precise statements about the time of the event are possible


Mostly aspects and aspect figurines accurate to the minute


Recognize coincidences of life events and star constellations

ASTRO`pur - Multiple Direktionen (German edition)

Edition BonAstro, Selbstverlag
Author: Stephan A. Lehrieder
1. Edition: 1998
210 Color pages
ISBN 978-3-00-002779-6

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A first look at the book - the table of contents and 3 selected case studies

Case study 1: Lenin initiates the October Revolution, on October 23, 1917 (according to MULTI 1)
Case study 2: Reactor disaster in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, on April 26th, 1986 (according to MULTI 2)
Case study 3: The US space mission (Armstrong) lands on the moon, on 07/21/1969 (according to MULTI 3 - Pluto)

ASTRO'pur - The standard work on the Multiple directions

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