The 'Multiple Directions'

The astrological direction and prognosis system according to Stephan A. Lehrieder

The new astrological direction system of the "Multiple directions" is presented here, which identifies events with a precision never achieved before - and thus opens up unimagined possibilities in the field of prognosis.

How exact and informative the calculated aspect structures of the "multiple directorates" are is illustrated by the horoscope examples of the case studies shown here. In these, double graphics (synastry) are shown for different events in current affairs and the concise main aspects are assessed using a brief interpretation.

You can also find detailed information and numerous case studies from world events in the 20th century in the standard work 'ASTRO'pur' (German Edition) by Stephan A. Lehrieder, which was published on this and can be ordered via the website.

Pars pro toto...


Precise statements about the time of the event are possible


Mostly aspects and aspect figurines accurate to the minute


Recognize coincidences of life events and star constellations

27 Case studies

about significant events of the 20th century

Interpretations of all case studies

which are easy to understand and understand even for beginners in astrology

330 colored illustrations

to the scientifically prepared case studies

Including a handy leaflet

about the astrological symbols, signs of the zodiac and houses

ASTRO'pur - The standard work on the Multiple directions

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